WithoutBorders VIII

The eight edition of the international art forum WithoutBorders happened with a big success 21-27 of september 2017 in the Palace - Balchik. The event was organized by the Industrial Association together with the Palace - Balchik and Scenderman art network. In the 2017 participated 80 organizers, managers and artists from 25 countries: 2 days of foncerts, 3 days of conference, art workshop, etc.

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the scenderman project
is a new generation of a multidisciplinary artistic network, art management, promotion and production. Its purpose is to encourage development of the art stage, multiculturalism and intercultural dialogue. Another aim is making a bridge with other art networks, cultural exchange, collaboration between artists and projects for youth. Project Scenderman promotes professional music products from the following genres: world music, traditional folk, world fusion, ethnojaz and paitings, and photography as well.

Currently presenting artists from: Navarre-Spain, Bulgaria and Romania

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