.: Kayno Yesno Slonce

Kayno Yesno Slonce (As Serene Sun, in ancient Bulgarian) is a creative project, that unites a group of musicians in a symbolic journey. A journey that is related with the feelings of the seeking man. The band exist since 1997, and alot of experienced musicians played in it.

The band played in many festivals in Bulgaria: Alarma Punk Jazz festival - Sofia, Beglika Festival - Beglika village; Romania: Ghost Gathering festival - Rasnov ; Ukraine: Gartenfest/Day of Europe Festival ; Republic of Makedonija: Bitola Summer Festival - Bitola, etc.

Current line-up:

Peter Delchev - tambura, cello-tambura, percussion

Stanislav "Toni Horo" Stoyanov - percussions

Veselin Mitev - vocal, bagpipe, kaval, duduk

Alexey Cvetanov - drums, programming

Yulia Uzunova - keyboards

Participants in the International Art Forums WithoutBorders 2011 Balchik Bulgaria and WithoutBorders 2013 - Albena - Bulgaria/Mangalia-Romania- co-organized by Scenderman art Network.