.: Marina Varentsova - Rousseva
Her landscapes are romantic, lyrical and full of light
Agora, Broadway, New York (USA)
When you look at her work, you forget about their material nature, that they are human artifacts; it is as if you were looking through a window at a glass-transparent surface from which it is seen an astonishingly vivid face, an exceptional seascape or blue hills, mysterious monasteries, picturesque rural motifs.
Prof. Dr. Vyatcheslav Babiyak (Russia), member of the International Association of Art Critics and of the Creative Union of Art Critics (AIS)


Marina was born in 1971. Her works fall into the domains of classical paintings, portraits, still life pictures and landscapes. The artist uses her immediate impressions of nature and its changing states and by utilizing classical methods she executes realistic paintings, typical of their rich semitones. In 1995 she finished her higher education in Saint Petersburg, Russia and took a Master's Degree in Fine Arts. Since then she has been living and working in the city of Varna, Bulgaria, where she has held many of her one-person exhibitions and displays. Marina Varentsova-Rousseva has had personal exhibitions, together with Nikolay Roussev, and has taken part in many events in centres such as Sofia, Plovdiv, New York, London, Chicago, etc. She has participated at more than 20 national and international seminars in Bulgaria and Europe. She has had publications in Bulgaria, Croatia, the United Kingdom, USA and others. Her paintings are owned by art-collectors and organizations in various countries around the world.

Participant in the International Art Forums WithoutBorders 2009 & 2011 Balchik Bulgaria and WithoutBorders 2013 - Albena - Bulgaria/Mangalia - Romania - co-organized by Scenderman art Network.

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