.: Nikolay Roussev
Everything in my collection is precious! There are lots of works of the old masters which I am just as fond of as of a still life picture calla lilies by Nikolay Roussev, an artist who still hasn't reached 40.
P. Andreev, Pari Newspaper (Bulgaria)
It is something like a plus and minus within a single frame: monumentality and lyricism, struggle of passions and quiet pensiveness, heroic virility and tender female images, strange-disturbing visions and utterly precise material image of the present day these are the features of his unique and distinctive style.
Prof. Dr. Vyatcheslav Babiyak (Russia), member of the International Association of Art Critics and of the Creative Union of Art Critics (AIS)


Nikolay was born in 1969. His works - paintings, drawings and graphics, displayed on thematic exhibitions, include monumental sized pictures to miniatures. In many of his painting compositions he uses Renaissance, Flemish and other techniques and methods which require sound preparation and time and aim at achieving deeper effect.

He finished his secondary art education in Bulgaria and completed his higher education in Saint Petersburg, Russia, major: graphics and painting and was awarded a Master's Degree in Fine Arts. He has had over 20 one-man and joint exhibitions with Marina Varentsova-Rousseva in Bulgaria and in central galleries in Sofia, London and New York. Nikolay Roussev regularly shows his work at thematic exhibitions in Europe and America, takes part and organizes different art events, seminars, festivals etc.

Participant, organizer,painters workshop curator in the International Art Forums WithoutBorders 2009 & 2011 Balchik Bulgaria and WithoutBorders 2013 - Albena - Bulgaria/Mangalia - Romania - co-organized by Scenderman art Network.

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