.: Nikolay Kolev

He was born on 02.06.1969 in town of Yambol, Bulgaria. In 1988 he finished SSHU/PI in town ot Tryavna – wood carving. Between 1990- 1993 he worked as a teacher of wood cardving in TGSD “Sava Mladenov” - town of Teteven. Solo exhibitions in Yambol, Nova Zagora and the Parliament of Republic of Bulgaria. Between 1994- 2009 he participated in common exhibitions and in national and international artistic plainairs. Some of his works are owned by private collectors from Bulgaria, Germany, France, Austria, Israel, USA, Canada, ect. He works in the area of modern woodpastics, sculpture and paitings.

Participant in the International Art Forums – Without Borders 2009 & 2011 – Balchik – Bulgaria - co-organized by Scenderman art Network.