.: Ambient Folklore

A truly remarkable trio, Ambient Folklore is a musical project, which started in 2013 by Peter Delchev (Isihia, Kayno Yesno Slonce) and Evgeni Chakalov (Eriney, Kayno Yesno Slonce). Inspired by the medieval music of Western Europe and the folklore of the Baklans, at first the band interpreted traditional musical themes from X-XIV century, and afterwards started composing original music, mimicking the old style. They use replicas of old string and woodwind instruments. A few months later, Tanya Yossifova (Isihia, Davvid project) also joined the project, adding her beautiful and eerie vocals along with percussion. In the beginning, the trio focused on instrumental pieces, but soon original medieval texts and lyrics were added to the compositions. The sound of the project is fully acoustic, sticking to the style of the medieval troubadours. The project took part in several festivals, some of which include the 2013 Sighisoara Medievala festival (Romania), the first medieval festival at the Boyana church in Sofia, the medieval festival Bdin (Vidin, Bulgaria), they also were warm-up act for the live performances of Jarboe and Jozef van Wissem in Sofia. Their first album (split with Der Dudelgeist) "Carmina Veris" ("Spring Songs") were published in 2015.

Participants in the International Art Forums WithoutBorders 2013 - Albena - Bulgaria/Mangalia-Romania and WithoutBorders 2015 - Balchik- co-organized by Scenderman art Network.

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