.: Luiza Cala

Luisiana Calaidjoglu known as Luiza Cala was born on 23 of september 1957 in Bailesti, Romania, She studied with Sabin Balasa (Romania) and Rafael Fuentes (Spain) and now resides in Neptun, Mangalia.

Luiza realized a lot of events in Romania,Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Italy, which consist of 12 personal exhibitions and 17 group exhibitions. She signed 8 covers – 4 books and 4 cassettes of meditation. Her works are in state and private collections in Greece, Spain, France, USA, China, Canada, Holland, Bulgaria, France and Italy.

She got alot of prizes including: The National Prize Art Top in 2002, The National Prize Art Top - Magic Romania in 2004, The Silver Medal – Grand Prix MCA Cannes Azur in 2006, The Golden Medal – Grand Prix MCA Cannes Azur and The Recognize Diploma – Accademia Internazionale d’Arte Moderna Roma in 2007.

Luiza Cala has her own private Art Gallery in Saturn, Mangalia, Romania.

Participant in the International Art Forums Without Borders 2009, 2011 Balchik Bulgaria and WithoutBorders 2013 - Albena - Bulgaria - co-organized by Scenderman art Network. Organizer and co-producer of the WithoutBorders 2013 - Mangalia - Romania.

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